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Extra income? You've come to the RIGHT PLACE. If you use the internet at home or at work ..ANYWHERE.. you can actually get paid for it in DOLLARS! Even while chatting. Not only are these programs free to join but they are also available outside the U.S. including all ASIA even here in the Philippines. The ones marked with *I personally use and recommend (I often use two or more together at the same time!) earning 3-4 times as much.  What are you waiting for, Click the Banners below and Join Now ! 





*Desktop Dollars is a new company that pays its members whenever they are connected to the internet. You could be surfing the net or typing a document. As long as you’re connected to the net, YOU’LL GET PAID. You can join now for FREE and it takes only about 2 minutes.  No Limit on how much you can earn. Available: Everywhere!

*Absolutely the Easiest and Most Hassle-free of all paid to surf programs. You've gotta try this. It is probably the best there is. It's small and can be placed anywhere you want. And best of all you earn $0.54 per hour. There's no limit on how much you can earn literally. If you want an ad bar that doesn't use up much space, this is it! Available: Everywhere!

*You can earn $0.40 per hour and up to 75 hours per month. Another great thing about getpaid4 is their referral system. You get credited for referrals up to the 7th level. You don't even need to use your browser to earn. All you have to do is move your mouse once in a while and click on the banner ads, you are earning cash! Available: Everywhere!

*Earn cool cash while using your computer as usual. They will not limit you to surfing the web; you may use any application on your computer as long as you are connected to the Internet. They allow NO HOUR LIMIT and NO REFERRALS LIMIT. I think this is one of the best programs I have encountered so far. Their FiestaBarTM is quite easy to use and they offer you so many chances to earn money they're practically giving it away. If you sign up before July 31 2000, you have an opportunity to win a trip worth $ 10,000. Sign up and see for yourself. Available: Everywhere!

Totally Different. Interactive Strategy Game. You can steal real money from real people, win great big prizes and build an empire without paying a dime. You don't need a credit card for this. And guest what this is radically new in fact only 20,000 members. So there's plenty to refer, but hurry they just started last month and look how many joined already. Enough said.

They pay BIG! Earn $0.25-.75 per hour just by using their SurfBar (already available for download). The best part is NO LIMIT to how many hours you can use the SurfBar. This is a new company so be one of the first to sign up. The SurfBar is difficult to handle at first but it is still new so expect improvements soon. The pay out varies according to the number of advertisers.  Available: Everywhere!

Be a  member of a very exciting new Internet Service that pays you to surf the Net! By using a revolutionary new minibrowser called pIggy! - which works on top of your current browser - you are able to earn money every time you get online! They will pay you up to $1.00 to surf the Net. Their pIggy is yet to be available for download due to perhaps to technical improvements. Sign up anyway, they'll just contact you when you're allowed to download their pIggy.             More info? Soon Available: Everywhere!

New. Get paid $1.25 per hour! As a member you get paid $1.25 per hour for each hour that you are running their MP Bar. You can also earn by reading email, $0.03 per email sent. Also Set your start-up page to them and get paid.  I have yet to download their MP Bar. However, sign up and when they start giving out their MP Bar be among the first to get it. Soon Available: Everywhere!

An Email Account that Pays. Sign-up and Everytime your Referral uses his/her Email you get Paid. Great huh!

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